1. Aplicability 
These conditions are applicable for the use or download of information – in whatever kind – of the website www.spaincamper.com from Spaincamper.

2. Declaration of acceptance of the Users conditions.
In case you do not wish to accept the user conditions, you will not be allowed to visit and/or use this website. In case you use spaincamper.com it will imply that you agree with the user conditions. Spaincamper has at all times the right to exclude you from using the website.

3. Modifications
Spaincamper has at all times the right to alter the information exposed at Spaincamper.com and modify the user conditions and / or the general conditions. Spaincamper advises you to consult the used conditions and general conditions regularly.

4. Goal / Legal
Spaincamper intends to supply the visitor with information about motorhome rent in the broadest sense. Conditions from Spaincamper and Autocaravan express apply to all offered products. At products and services (also) offered by partners of Spaincamper apply, mostly additional, the general conditions of this partner (see general conditions of Spaincamper). Spaincamper is in this way handling agent and Autocaravan express the responsible partner. Spaincamper declares that, referring to the previous, the party where you reserve and contract the motorhome, will be Autocaravan express. When ordering combines package, the Spaincamper and also the other party conditions apply combined, each for its responsible part. Spaincamper intends to supply the correct information always, but cannot guarantee that the information supplied is updated. Naturally Spaincamper has composed all offered information with care and updated, no right can be derived from these publications.

5. Hyperlinks
The Spaincamper.nl website contains hyperlinks to other websites from other daughters of Spanjecamper.nl. In the case that these websites have other user conditions, they will overrule the user conditions described on this page. The user conditions on this page will have an additional character. The Spaincamper website may have hyperlinks to website of partners of Spaincamper.nl and third parties. These hyperlinks are strictly used for your convenience being a user and visitor. SpainCamper.nl cannot be hold responsible for the content of these websites and the fact that Spaincamper is publishing these hyperlinks does not imply that Spaincamper agrees with the content of these websites.

6. Property
All rights reserved by Spaincamper and partners. All information exposed and composition, look and content of www.spaincamper, is protected by copyright, trademark rights, domain names and other intellectual property rights). © 2009 spaincamper.com

7. Information
Spaincamper.nl with all its included information is delivered, as presented without any specific or implicated guarantee. Opinions and statements done in information On the Spaincamper website are done by the author and not necessarily by Spaincamper. It is not allowed to copy, distribute, alter, make public, connect to other websites, give or exchange information with third parties.

8. Users rights
Spaincamper allows you as a visitor to use the content of the website for personal purposes. It is not allowed to use Spaincamper for illegitimate use or to use it for purposes other than allowed by our conditions or the law. It is not allowed to monitor Spaincamper.com or to multiply, copy or adapt the information and design. It is not allowed to disrupt the normal operation of this site or to undermine its integrity, which includes changing the content and hacking.Without prior written permission by Spaincamper it is not allowed to reproduce links to our website.

9. Security
Although Spaincamper will do everything which is in reason to keep this website free from viruses it cannot give any guarantee for this. Spaincamper does not guarantee that this website will function faultless and without interruption.

10. Messages
Messages posted by visitors. Spaincamper will never be liable by messages left by visitors and readable by third parties. All messages need to refer to the content of Spaincamper and cannot be abusive by any means.

11. Liability
Spaincamper will never be liable in respect or direct and/or indirect, immaterial or consequential damage including lost profit or lost orders, which in any way results from or is connected with, but does not have to be limited to:
defects, viruses or other faultsthe information which is offered on or via this websitemisuse of this websiteloss of datadownloading through this website
claims of third parties in connetion with the website

Sale or rental of products. The sale or rental of products being offered through our website is subject to the general conditions, and specific conditions of the rental/sales company.

14. Applicable law
This site is created and controlled by Spanjecamper in the Netherlands. As such the laws of the Netherlands will govern the disclaimers. We reserve the right to make changes to our site and the disclaimers, terms and conditions at any time.